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    Saturday 6 Shooter


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    Saturday 6 Shooter Empty Saturday 6 Shooter

    Post by FrankWhite781 on Sun Mar 14, 2010 6:15 pm

    Kiss my ring
    Its a Frank White thing I stay potent
    Devoted to revenge
    get ya car exploaded
    Gun fully loaded
    Old school revolver the steels all corroted
    But it packs a punch like marciano
    My hearts colder then mountains in colorado
    I hit ya block shootin like Aron Afflalo
    Backspin ya Tahoe
    smooth like Ricky Ricardo
    my heat leave ya grill lookin like meat from a taco
    Clean get away
    Now I'm chillin
    sippin Alize on a Saturday
    Gun in my robe I don't never put the gat away
    I hustle full time you a half a day slacker
    I'm a ductape rope black mask and kidnaper
    Like mac mittens
    Stop snitchin y'all need to stop trippin
    You get caught slippin
    Then choked till you stop twitchin
    You sicken me
    I taste hatred in the air
    You smell like shit to me
    You just another vic to me
    Another worthless jerk
    You get merked
    Put under the surface
    No grave stone fuckin fagot u ain't worth it
    Get hit wi the 50 cal hecklar
    Turn ya fuckin head into hamburger helper
    I pull the pistol on ya mom and bang her
    Make her body spin like a revolver chamber
    I'm a pot head pill popper vodka drinker
    Conspiracy theory believer
    deep thinker
    I stay lit like the candles in the church
    Gallon a red wine
    weed from Tel Aviv
    If ya chick don't suck dick
    I tell her to leave
    Fuck wit me I make sure your head a bleed
    17 shots hit ya chest
    You will never breathe
    I put the gun pointblank to ya head and squeeze
    Spit ya brains out
    Lite a newport
    Then I'm gone wit the breeze
    Back at my spot tryin wash the blood stains out
    Fuck it
    I throw the clothes in the firepit
    Burn em
    I been taught my lessons
    I sure learned em
    If u gone kill someone
    Don't fore warn em
    That's just evidence
    Be intelligent
    Its no rush
    Don't tell nobody keep that shit on the hush
    Cuzz if u do when that body gets found
    Your names gone be known from here to the next town..think twice
    Death Star
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    Saturday 6 Shooter Empty Re: Saturday 6 Shooter

    Post by Death Star on Fri Mar 26, 2010 9:13 am

    nigga no .... no no no just stop ok youn is a bitch man when i done you gon run bur hiding is out of the questio I'm death nigga

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