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    Foregone Conclusion


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    Foregone Conclusion

    Post by GunSlinger on Wed Mar 03, 2010 3:35 pm

    Life is here but death is coming
    If i see the Grim Reaper you know i'll be running
    The streets leave me naked I feel so bare
    If theres one thing you learn on the streets its that life aint fair
    I sometimes wonder if any niggers care
    But still I live on
    And still I con
    Its like everytime I rap my spirit grows strong
    If it wasn't for these rhymes I'd be in the ground
    Not listening to Eminem, Tupac or the bizzle sound
    But death has got me caught and bound
    Like a nigger in a KKK crowd.
    This is what I spit and I spit what I write
    I feel death on my back when Im out at night
    But deaths meant for a nigger like me
    Because man, this life isn't easy.

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