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    M.T.P:Mass Traumatic Panic (Gi diss)


    Death Star
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    M.T.P:Mass Traumatic Panic (Gi diss)

    Post by Death Star on Fri Feb 26, 2010 2:14 pm

    I'm severe so so sick
    so sad this is what you gat to live with
    What? u from the UK? come get killed quick
    just one click shots I'll tear open ya Suzuki swift
    u thinking u could beat me? it must the dust you sniffed
    I know ur slow but pay attention try to get my drift
    see I'm boxin off ya face I'LL leave u teeth-less
    when you roll in the morgue everybody i'l be speechless
    I'm ready for what ever bring ya entire weak UK click
    by the time I'm done you'll be old and tri-so-mic
    the way u rhyme make me wanna vomit

    why did u try me I'm everlasting torment
    I spit traumatic content
    so fuck all u represent
    I see it as irrelevance
    my words are hot but heaven sent
    now u wanna bite thats a breach of trust with fraudulent intent
    I'm in the street thuggin while u sellin ya ass for rent
    I'm not calling this a clash cause I ain gat no dents
    rhymes stay in my mind while you home wit ya pen tryna invent
    no more biting next thing I know be screamin "G-Unit!" like u wit 50 cent
    you want beef lets take it to the full extent
    you against me u are not equivalent
    Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad
    you already lost with no source of deliverance
    cease! and desist at once
    cause u ain't no beast ur just lunch

    hit me back dummy.

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