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    Born in trouble


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    Born in trouble Empty Born in trouble

    Post by fortys-and-nines on Sat Feb 06, 2010 10:08 pm

    The year is 87 new star to the hood/ mumma's so proud her boy is all good/ docs weighin me in i cry like i should/ but they dont know i'll be misunderstood/ despite that my upbringin will be good/ commit crime for fun while controlin the hood/ chasin down punks wiv a length of wood/ used to rob off people jus coz i could
    *corus* born in trouble commitin crimes on the double, i was born in trouble ooh yea commitin crimes on the double
    Now i find myself in court lookin at the jury/ they aint believin what i say dont think they even heard me/ i shouldnt be here my gf is worried/ i dont wanna go to prison i cant go surely/ wish i cud take back what i done reverse me/ victims praying i go down they try to curse me/ i look over my should and notice firstly/ the guards are daydreaming i take my chance and flee


    Now im in shit im in a complication/ need to keep a look out on the observation/ im gonna crimewatch enemy is the nation/ gonna be safer if i live wiv the haitians/ cant trust anybody cant have relations/ even my gf turned her back im a hated creation/ but im gonna keep runnin show my dedication/ coz i was born in trouble and that aint gonna change soon


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