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    Hey my first time ever posting a rap. Advice Needed


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    Hey my first time ever posting a rap. Advice Needed

    Post by Dtrips13 on Sat Feb 06, 2010 1:45 am

    Im fifteen and just started rapping about a month ago. I wrote down only a couple of my raps. This was one of them wondering if i could get any advice...

    Hey my dad keeps asking me why/that im so ready to die/but i been gettin so high/ that i cant give him the reson/slicing my wrists man the shit wont stop bleedin/trying to live the good life but hell is all that im seein/ and i know i aint doin what im supposed to be/ keep my middle fingers up there aint no hope for me/ trying to hang from the ceiling aint no rope for me/ tryin to OD there aint no dope for me/ like im addicted and they handin out coke for free/ make it past sixteen? well hopefully/ i wanna take a step back and just breathe/ but these thoughts of suicide just wont leave/ and i dont wanna keep going cuz loosin is too hard/ im ready to bail and jump out of a moving car/ maybe when im gone people will look back and see that i wrote this/ maybe theyll miss me? sike they wont even notice/ im fuckin hopeless/ and i know this/

    i got a couple other ones that i am looking for advice on too

    anything helps...
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    Re: Hey my first time ever posting a rap. Advice Needed

    Post by ktw on Sat Feb 06, 2010 10:07 am

    dat wasnt bad,as long as you aint makin up all dat yourself.and you need a chorus-but u been rappin for a month so its ok-if it's your lyrics

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