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    Bak and ready


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    Bak and ready

    Post by geezy on Thu Dec 31, 2009 8:15 pm


    They say they got this shit on lock//
    But you aint nothing step to my block//
    We don't use rocks mother fucker//
    We stay popin glocks like bitchez fight//
    Deep in the shit aint no way out//
    So please bitch dont shout//
    Mother fucka better watch the fuck out//
    Ill take on anyone with a big mouth//
    You a bird bitch thats what its about//
    Now look fagget this aint no dream//
    Real life bitch this is the king speaking//
    My lyrics stay leaking its so fresh all ya //
    Love to peep them.
    I go hard like Jay -z //
    Only thing is he he and i'm me//
    So lease if you have the glock to me squeeze//
    Dont be a pussy mother fucka you aint guccie//
    Ill step in your house cum in ya momz mouth//
    Kill your father then rape your sister//
    Ill hit her with the super dick//
    Call me the pitcher//
    Suck my dick then lik her mother fucka ima sicka//
    its cuz ill the wine and the licka//

    you aint shit mother fucker suck my dick//
    Im sick in the head aint scared of anyone//
    Here ill take the gun out your hand and put it to my head//
    squeeze it bitch leave me dead before i get you//
    With a burned up head and a pin and a naile thread//
    i stay on top so i never go below//
    if you at my level ya should kno//
    Ima goon to these streets //
    While you walk around beggin on ya knees for something to eat//
    i have money to blow and if you knew me it shows//
    fuck you all im in this shit so get back at me bitch//
    im ready to let this mind drinch //
    time to kill anyone who ready to get fucked up in the spit//
    ive been threw it all show me bitch//
    this is locaz fucken talking wat ya got on this dick .

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