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    A Star Is Born


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    A Star Is Born

    Post by icy on Sat Dec 12, 2009 10:20 pm

    everday a star is born
    i'm the new 1 for the moment
    when 1 must rise up another 1 falls
    bite the dust nt here just 4 a time trust
    i'm the 1 in the sky shinin bright
    glowin down on the hater's with all my might
    been gone 4 a minute, back 4 the night
    here to say pave the way make room 4 a great
    coming through like an inferno no hope get burnt
    it's goin down not me though jus hangin around
    watchin time fly by till it fades away
    still i'll b here till the end of my days
    retire till then perspire mo wood 4 the fire
    keep turnin it up
    everyone lookin like lunch
    like the school bully here to get ma fill
    n ain't payin 4 shit u can foot the bill

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