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    Icy uh uh icy


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    Icy uh uh icy

    Post by icy on Sat Dec 12, 2009 10:14 pm

    from the very get go
    i've been destined to blow
    though this u should already kno,
    imma replay it lik so
    no hesitation contemplation jus move to the rhythmn
    roc that shit all night won't quit
    its pretty simple how it comes to me
    straight of the top of my dome the definition of me
    motherfuckin oj in the rhyme game
    drop what i got the haters on dem mime games
    can't say shit hit not a miss
    on point like the end of a birds lip
    or beak f u wanna b
    gramatically correct
    don't fret i hold rap down no sweat
    brush the dirt off my shoulder
    wild west put my mic IN the holster
    till the next episode come back round like a roller coaster


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