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    Yo syn! It fucken ends here!

    Lil' Slim

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    Yo syn! It fucken ends here!

    Post by Lil' Slim on Tue Nov 24, 2009 1:45 pm

    I sat back and watched you diss my friend, like let it be
    I even sat back while yea dissed me
    I waited, and hoped youd see
    That pickles dont need me
    But you just kept goin and goin and goin
    Like your shit is whack, and yea just keep towen
    You dont even have any respect
    You just dissen a guy that hasnt even checked
    Like how does that reflect on you man
    Well here it is 'check'
    Im comen in now, and ima dissect your neck
    Like re-recked, to flect
    Like eminem did to kim
    Only I dont cry like him
    Cause ima killa, I just dont give a fuck
    And man, I got all the skill, so you must be runnin on luck
    So im done watchen you beef, while I think what fuck
    I never attack first
    Cause I got no thirst
    But once your start, your destenation is the hurse
    Like 50 cent, on flight 187, only destenation hell or heaven
    Man it aint no question, you got the same future as jackson
    I killed that dum ass in his own kitchen
    And I didnt even start beefen
    He just came after me
    Like andy lee to any oponent
    When he saw me comin his front door, he climbed in the vent
    Cause he knew, I aint no mother fucken gent
    Like damn man, im hellbent
    Im like jesus to heaven, only from hell
    So man, I shouldnt have to explain the shit I tell
    You hiden in a hotel
    "Shit man!!! I found you!!!"
    Now you got two things to decide
    Let me kill you, or suicide
    Thats up to you, but im almost at your side
    So you better watch out, and dont even try to hide

    Syn You got no fucken respect
    You aint shit dissen a kid that was just judgen
    Like shit man, I even gave you a chance
    But now, I fucken hate you
    So just try to battle me
    If your stupid!!!!

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