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    Whats a cypher?


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    Whats a cypher? Empty Whats a cypher?

    Post by DJayPaco on Fri Nov 06, 2009 9:24 pm

    u might think im an idiot but what is it?
    Lil' Slim
    Lil' Slim

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    Whats a cypher? Empty Re: Whats a cypher?

    Post by Lil' Slim on Thu Nov 19, 2009 4:48 am

    Theres a few different kinds of cyphers, 4 line cypher, 8 line cypher, follow the leader cypher, or just straight up cyhper...

    4 line cypher: is when someone drops four lines like

    must be the ganja
    its the marjuana
    thats creepen up on me
    why im so high

    (note: these are not my lyrics)

    and then someone else comes up with another 4 lines
    and trys to keep it on the same topic like

    My diets always yellen weed
    And im handen out pills sayen 2 mores all you need
    So start poppin em back like horse feed
    Sit back, and enjoy the illisions yeah see

    The topic of the first 4 lines was clearly marjuana/drugs
    So I just kept the topic going and swtiched the flow a little

    8 line cypher: is the same thing as 4 line
    the only difference is instead of 4 lines
    you drop 8 lines

    Follow the leader cypher: is just like 4 or 8 line cypher
    only difference is you can drop as many lines as you want
    sometimes the leader will say minimum lines 4 maximum lines 12 or something
    buts its pre straight forward

    Straight up cypher: alot like follow the leader cypher
    only the topic can change
    they just drop there lines
    then you take the last word they used and rhyme it
    the topic can change but its nice to use same topic for a bit
    then change it when your runnin outta lyrics
    (note: check lounge Slim Vs Pickles for an example of a straight up cypher)

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