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    haters haters haters


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    haters haters haters

    Post by icy on Thu Oct 22, 2009 5:46 pm

    damn, niccers here don't show no love
    n sum, in their rhymes seem slower than slugs
    still they hating and i'm just waiting
    biding my time till they attack my rhymes
    and since my arsenal of lines r simply sublime
    u could truthfully say i turn water to wine
    so much better cuz i keep it real
    n they jus e-thugs in real life the 1st sign of trouble lyk bananas they peel
    think though i should say split just in case u didn't catch my drift
    plus their raps are wack bout time they grasp that fact
    hatin on sum1 who's jus tryin to shine
    thats weak, similar to their yo mama punchlines
    i really don't know what makes them tick
    since just 2 bars leave me blue lyk a crip!


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    Re: haters haters haters

    Post by Fish187 on Thu Oct 22, 2009 7:12 pm

    Icy, I must say that I completley conquer
    When I step up in this bitch, Haters go ahead and remain as you were
    This wit is overwhelming, like a rogue wave to a vessel that the HATERS are helming
    Cuanto? Keep counting the number of HATERS I'm trouncing
    Once I catch me a HATER, then that HATERS head I'll be mounting
    To be sure, fassion the HATERS skin like some chinchilla fur
    When they askem what he saw the HATER will reply, Only a blur
    They catch the drift
    I see dialated pupils
    If not, I know of a couple of Roozkies that'll bust some knee caps for a few rupils

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