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    Post by Verse2 on Wed Oct 14, 2009 7:54 am

    (dis is alil diff den how i usually i would deff like some feedback if datz kool witchu)

    I feel like a robot / can't go be~yond what da limit is/
    sitting at da drawing board / feeling every minute end/
    witness~n da rust take effect / and joints stiff again/
    harboring a deadly entity / point at da industry/

    Can't decifer love from hate / friend from enemy/
    overcome wit emotion / da smileys seem 2 envy me/
    i write it all down / yet still some~how/
    da outcome never makes me smile / are u feeling me?/

    Doubt it /dey still too round~about grilling me/
    think itz greener on da other side / shove hostility/
    noth~n comes my way / or stays there long/
    so it'z habit of gett~n sumth~n / den push~n it along/
    friendships /girlfriends / works including songs/
    den i feel stupid see~n dese empty ass palms/ *DAMN*

    Y are dese feelings like see~saws/
    Y is it dat i pull away when i need y'all/
    Y is it she can't see i'm jus a freak y'all/
    I need her more den she needs me /and i see y'all/

    sometimes a nigga feel~n so basic/
    other times i see da chance so i chase it/
    half da time / i'm n da mirror like face it/
    dis rap shit jus ain't 4 u / homie / erase it/

    I try not 2 burden/ the already burdened/
    feel like i'm poisoning one of god's virgins/
    not soiled or impure mami's still untouched/
    and men/
    i'm what's her inter~pra~tation of us/ *FUCK*

    I ain't doin a good job/
    i'm stuck at home / sitt~n here playing a damn mom/
    dishes / vaccuming / chasing kids half da time/
    can't hold strong conversation/
    cuz cartoons on da mind/
    dora / max&ruby /of course spongebob/
    sandwich or hot dogs/COME ONN DOMINIC LUNCH TIME!!!/

    Don't kno what i want / lost as a run~away/
    i ain't on dat suicide mess / so put da gun away/
    often times say fuck rap / throw O Sonz away/ (crew)
    den i get a message from dem / like come rap/
    when jus 24/hrs ago disowned dat/

    Mami was my 1st deff decision 4 a while/
    den reality took itz toll/and i fell from da clouds/
    i like her/ i'll wife her/ fate said dats not allowed/
    so at 1st i sat idle and jus smiled/ (eghhh)

    But she said remain posi~tive/
    but u don't understand how deep negz deposit~ed/
    u don't even really see how much time i spent/
    picturing da wedding and all dat / on some toddler ish/ (lol)

    It'z wierd / ain't no love lost / i ain't faking/
    and if she thinks i wish her ill / she's mistaken/
    i use 2 b so put 2gether/ but i've been breaking/
    and maybe dats why i been frustrated......


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    Re: ****Frustration****

    Post by DJayPaco on Fri Nov 06, 2009 9:23 pm

    its ok i mean first off it didnt rhyme second it sounded more for like a diary entry rather then a rap. honest and i aint crackin on u...join and promote

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