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    Why E.T. went took his ass home

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    Why E.T. went took his ass home

    Post by AnonymousG on Sun Sep 27, 2009 12:30 pm

    I don’t get it... this world still has a primitive cover
    Smothered in a fuss luster they destroy their own mother (mother earth)
    React quick on impulse, thought they could rationalize
    Or sort of organize, now they're borderline cauterized (burned/global warming)
    They really boggle me, that’s why I probe 'em
    Abduct then poke them, maybe split a few open,
    Scopin out how they tick cuz they destroy own lives
    Guys of the same kind denied life from the blind,
    They set social barriers and declare inferiors
    Somehow they’re superior, unaware they’re carriers-
    Of an infatuation with domination, class, and segregation
    That they’ve not a nation yet a divided civilization
    A compilation of races guided in misdirection
    A complication supplying cessation of affection
    Boosted with temptation, dangerous repetitive notions
    Like defiling the oceans, drowning themselves in potions
    That’s why we’ve elected to not interfere and steer clear
    Yes, not make peers for our own fears in years...
    Their corruption shall fester and we’ll fight one another
    And have to eradicate this once prominent space brother

    This one is an older one of mine, a classic XD

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