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    Fuck the Elitist Cockroach....


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    Fuck the Elitist Cockroach....

    Post by MizAlyB on Fri Sep 18, 2009 2:26 pm

    What is life? What is love?
    Is it something like a glove
    on the hand that it fits? or is
    it something that we must
    create to exist? Outta
    ignorance and bliss
    comes the vengeance
    of the fist raised up in defiance...
    Silence is useless and tired
    as the Catholic church's
    denial of science...
    Violence is looking like
    it might be an option.
    Find it obnoxious that
    a plastic coffin is seen
    by FEMA as a fitting end...
    I will defend my countrymen
    and my rights to the death!
    Rest in peace
    to any false priest left
    after the meltdown
    created from letdowns and
    division between right and left...
    Its elitists versus the people
    if we wanna combat evil we
    gotta find and destroy the
    disease-spreadas ENTIRE nest!
    If we don't put em in check
    these oppressors will def
    Investors in self respect
    collect mad interest and its RICH...
    Think about this:
    A million raised fists
    will show these bitches who's asses they
    can kiss.
    Split treasonous domes
    in any zone they roam and exist...
    Any snitch can get one too..
    For defending the enda's of
    constitutional rights to choose
    life, liberty, and the sweetness of pursuit...
    For providing assistance and
    excusing these bitches
    for the crimes they commit
    like the spread of manufactured pandemic flu...
    I got a silver bullet just for you....
    if you condone the things
    the bastards who seek to be
    masters of the human race do...
    Replace you with your children
    raised to be slaves in classified
    government buildings passed off
    as public schools....

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    Re: Fuck the Elitist Cockroach....

    Post by Randz on Sat Sep 19, 2009 12:18 am

    wow i hink you got a good style there i like the way u rap a poem true poetry. keep it up. Smile

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    Re: Fuck the Elitist Cockroach....

    Post by daniel872 on Fri Sep 25, 2009 10:59 pm

    Damn girl u again amaze me with ur dope skills as a lyricist truly a great rapper u are
    I tip my hat to u

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    Re: Fuck the Elitist Cockroach....

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