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    no0b here .. keystyl3


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    no0b here .. keystyl3

    Post by thesoundofmind on Sun Aug 30, 2009 11:21 pm

    so i got home from work and my usual b0ard is down, so i got drunk as usual and now i want to write .. here goes, first post ..

    i drop shit, like kids who ate grits,
    a pound at a time your whole style that is mine,
    i pound on ya mind, and wont let up,
    so when i lay you down bitch dont get up,
    i know you fed up now get used to it,
    ill turn your whole being into reduced fluids,
    and then sift through it and take all ur change,
    three new nickles and a penny to ur name ?
    thats all you got? man i call the shots,
    you try to shoot at me dude that shot was blocked,
    by the street entourage stay camoflaged,
    know we comin hard yo - oh - my - gawd ,
    yo hold that card, now imma come pull it,
    and if that dont affect then imma send bullets,
    so come correct to it, and speak yo piece ,
    meantime im with ur girl and shes a freak ..

    thats the first 16 ..

    youre a fgt

    yes you

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    Re: no0b here .. keystyl3

    Post by Randz on Thu Sep 10, 2009 2:07 pm

    Not bad for a noob, lol

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    Re: no0b here .. keystyl3

    Post by DaKillahKidd on Mon Sep 14, 2009 7:44 pm

    See im new to this rap shit/
    but i always come legit/
    Some People try to discourage/
    But i will never quit/
    I got a bag full of bens/
    You got a pocket full of lint/
    I riding the round the city/
    Wit the maserati equipped/
    The Lamborghini a hit/
    Aston Martins ladies get/
    Some people just cant take a hint/
    It dont get no better den this/
    All black fitted cap/
    Wit some fresh nikes on/
    Purple label on my back/
    You get a glance den im gone/
    My bank account like wolverine/
    So my money never blown/
    And if you try it and you fail you shoulda knowm/

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    Re: no0b here .. keystyl3

    Post by DaKillahKidd on Mon Sep 14, 2009 7:45 pm

    New to the rap game phenomeflow

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    Re: no0b here .. keystyl3

    Post by Stretez on Wed Sep 16, 2009 2:49 pm

    I got TIGHT STYLE LINES i could WRITE BOUT DA' GRIND or SYKE OUT YA MIND! if we box I hope ya JAW IS TUFF cuz if "Mark's on Him" it's like da DOG MCGRUFF how it's a BITE OUT OF DAKILLAKIDD! I inHALE THE "PIFF" so ya crew? is FAILIN' BITCH! I'll "embarrass you when I grab da Mic" like Kanye did to TAYLOR SWIFT! I'm your DOPE-TEXT-IDOL!, mad cuz I'm "Maid/Made Clean" with it, your FLOW STRETCH MILES!! only time K's "Face in The hood" is when he jackin' MOS DEF'S STYLE! Me being BETTER IS A MUST, PLUS!.. I can't even reMEMBER IF YOU SUCK, cuz you got people pausing, makes them "Stop every second" like Hellen KELLER ON A BUS!! so when I say your "Around the waist/waste" I'm not sayin' your getting MEASURED FOR A TUX!! don't say you OFF THE OOZIE or get LOST IN BOOTY! cuz I'll "put da hammer down" like TALKIN' JUDY to put "KiDD to Death" like stating records in CALL OF DUTY!!

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    Re: no0b here .. keystyl3

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