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    Random Floetic Freestyle


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    Random Floetic Freestyle

    Post by MizAlyB on Sun Aug 16, 2009 10:33 am

    you know what they be sayin bout when one door closes/hearin God in burning bushes modern fuckin Moses/Stay woke like people chosen; shun the ones who's posin/If it don't concern ya don't go stick your nose in
    ice cold it leaves ya frozen when my wind begins to blow/I've battled hypothermia, I've traveled miles of snow/Dark and dreary strange and erie Edgar Allen Poe/If I lose my mind I always find it in my flow
    Stick to what you know and I'll keep lippin off/I could get a little spicy like some Mexicali sauce/Lotta dudes be actin hard know full well that they're soft/But they still proceed to call themselves a boss...
    The point is always lost in the drama where it rests/Life's a book with many pages study for the test/You could be bummin or earths worst scum...or you could be the best..../Protect my mind and seek divine but mostly I'm just stressed
    One door closes...another barely opens/I'll kick it down if it stands in the way of the things for which I'm hopin/When smokas see me round my town they ask me where the dope is/With smiles and hugs thats faker than the pope is
    I keep my goals stay focused in the face of misery/Devoured up by locusts and remaining in captivity/Some things go beyond all wrong and lose all sensibility/Born in humble circumstance like modern day Nativity/
    Strength and resiliance creates urban forms of brilliance/Diamonds hidden in stones of brown uncovered thru resiliance/While some of us are slaves to paper, some are holdin billions/Raisin up glass ceilings seeking trillions
    Crush the poor a little more its just czars and serfs/Put a shabby price on human life deciding what you're worth/A rapist or a wall street banker...not sure which is worse/with the lies they've told and rights that they've reversed...
    the miles that I've traversed..are sure to be followed by many more/Unless death settles the score and slams the current door/Which wouldn't be surprising with the shit that I've endured/I'm just sayin...when it rains it fuckin pours
    Eat the apple, toss the core, and live another day/Try to stay with third eye open, meditate and pray/Paint a world where silver clouds are barely lined with grey/Articulating change in strange and lovely things to say
    Like a child is meant to play, my rhyme was meant to flow/To roll and kneed and rise like molded dough/To get high as birds in skies they fly in; then dip way down low/To the very core which is often ignored til it suddenly explodes!
    Ignite the flame and watch it burn to the ground/Once was lost and never found/Smoke a quarter pound and joke around with lyrical clowns/But everybody knows I'll go ten rounds
    If your nose is always brown, you probably snitch real easy/So my advice to you is back the fuck up when you see me/Here's the way to spot a narc pretendin to be greazy/They wear old clothes but press them very neatly....
    So there's a fuckin freebie for you greedy street kings/Get ya hustle on, nevermind the bird that sings/Game's like sport, and life's too short to dwell on petty things/Do whats right and plant insite and reap the love it brings....
    Shake off a bitch that clings cus eventually its constrictin/Its hard to talk when you know the ears thats near ya isn't listenin/I'm keeping up resistance with ideas that are conflictin/Through vibes and rhymes I paint what I'm depictin.....


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    Re: Random Floetic Freestyle

    Post by Jay5150 on Fri Aug 21, 2009 1:51 am

    yo, that shit deep. i was really feelin' it.


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    Re: Random Floetic Freestyle

    Post by d-snuts on Thu Aug 27, 2009 3:01 pm

    ten rounds? what about the other two? im not tryna to come at you i liked it too and i really mean that im not just sayin it on some gender shit like cause im not even tryna to bend your hips and throw cum at you, like them other dudes. im from a whole nother cube another planet made of granite where its noisy as hell cause all day metors are just fuckin slammin it and i cant get no fuckin sleep so i choke myself with a rope till i can no longer breath and i pass out with my assout on scarlet sheets

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    Re: Random Floetic Freestyle

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