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    the NeverEnding Cypher


    the NeverEnding Cypher Empty the NeverEnding Cypher

    Post by Guest on Tue Mar 25, 2008 12:07 pm

    Aiight, someone's gonna start a random key or a story and the next person in line will continue from that point...
    Kind-of like a Community Collab Thread...

    Enjoy ya'selves with this, Fam.
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    the NeverEnding Cypher Empty the first....

    Post by Hussallah on Thu Jul 30, 2009 4:50 pm

    To write in this neverending Cypher,With the stimulation of the Clit,
    I keep on facing this Shit, Everyday Battle Demons but its not fazinme Bitch,
    Whoomp there it Is,A Camoflauged Chameleon in the Building,
    Mysterious Threats at Night?, Prince Rolls Positions Drop Bodies from the Ceiling,
    Baby Mama Drama up in Districs the Boredom and the Kingdom Comes,
    From the Reign and the Cheeseburger Plain,Dont mention my unfuckable Aim,
    Unduckable Strays when the Weaphon sprays,Competition and unfuckable Game,
    Which is the same, My Dame, Forced me to be so lame,
    In for the Money fuck the face, a simple Man with a simple Plan,Like Pinky and The Brain,
    A Neverending Dream and a Cypher, Empty like a Ghost Town,
    Call me Ghosthount, for punching Ghosts in their Mouth,
    Once I hit a sucker in the face for pushing me in the Glass,
    I knocked his Ass, An old man with ability,But me? I am like a thug from Sicily,
    Compare me to the Greats in they Prime,So sincerly are U kidding me?,
    No snitchin B, like any Taliban in the Northside of Afghanistan,
    Or Tanks in Pakistan, from Europe its good to broadcast but still a Brave Man,
    Inside of this Guy,Just because I get High to get By,I try to fly but I am scared to die,
    No Bullet Wounds still, But if I would be a Pimp I wouldnt even Cry,
    But the pale flesh is still young,And if u can make one Woman Come then U are the Don,
    Lazy Fiend,with a Daughter no Son, Why Life is so hard on me, And u know where I come from,
    U know where I had my Rep, Plus U know where U had my Strap,
    Where U had my Pep, My Jab is unfadeable still unquotable,Cloudy Snipers,
    Sugarhills and Crazy Moms hurt the most Men nowadays, please fix my Diapers,
    And dont say real Gangsters dont wear no Pampers cos I come from Austria nd over here,
    Its still dirty street talk if we gather around the tray and drink beer,
    Vonvertable Coupes, No Juice from this Fruit and Balls be hard but small,
    Stay Strong, fuck it shake the shave foam....
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    the NeverEnding Cypher Empty Re: the NeverEnding Cypher

    Post by Scarecrow on Fri Feb 12, 2010 12:15 am

    try to shave my face and cut through my nose bone
    my experiments gave birth to two clones,
    the first known as scarecrow,
    born to ill flows and rock shows
    the other is unknown
    likes to slang blow, and stack dough
    aw, just a kid on the porch step
    got a lil dough, but ain't got a Porsche yet
    lil' nigga wants it all, but he only gets a portion
    but to all you speeders use caution
    massive speed traps, called exhaustion
    and the dentist asked me have you been flossin'...

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    the NeverEnding Cypher Empty Re: the NeverEnding Cypher

    Post by ufo on Fri Apr 09, 2010 7:55 pm

    yeah im flossin check my posts on this forum
    check all my battles and how i slaughtered em
    niggas couldnt flow but then i taught em
    now i just do this out of boredom
    never ending cypher i aint gonna fail
    cuz i got never ending stories like Atrail
    like how i got kicked out of heaven then took over hell
    or how i killed that ring bitch n threw her in the well
    how i gave freddy nightmares n went on a killin spree wit jason
    how i went to your house n made ur girl scream like wes craven
    how i left jigsaw puzzled wit these words that r so amazin
    then moved to texas with leatherface for my final destination
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    the NeverEnding Cypher Empty Re: the NeverEnding Cypher

    Post by bigdz4mayor on Sat Oct 01, 2011 10:35 am

    so im in texas with leatherface
    forever on a chedder chase
    smoking greens but its better laced
    with hash i get cash
    and hit harder than whiplash from a car crash
    fuck an industry kiss ass
    i came up on my lonesome
    sold alotta packs, glad im not in folsom
    where niggas are anything but wholesome
    people like me because im bold son
    and say whats on my mental
    live life presidential
    and spit lyrics that some call influential..
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    the NeverEnding Cypher Empty Re: the NeverEnding Cypher

    Post by 16bars$chnarrs on Tue Oct 25, 2011 4:26 pm

    So good i dont even need credentials
    Just ask leather face he'll tell you too
    I took his cahin saw and slaughter all of you
    Lopping off heads left and right
    Just run dont try to stay and fight
    It is flight or fight please chose flight
    Ohh shit the chainsaw is outta gas
    whatever ill just swing it around it wil still cut your ass
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    the NeverEnding Cypher Empty Re: the NeverEnding Cypher

    Post by Gryzzlie420 on Sat Nov 05, 2011 9:42 pm

    imma gryzzlie so i dont like the bengals
    i ll make ochocinco
    meet my quatrocinco
    and itll make his mink coat
    really start to stink yo

    then ill grab marvin lewis by his neck
    with my other hand on the tech
    tell him to stfu b4 i go and visit his kids next

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    the NeverEnding Cypher Empty Re: the NeverEnding Cypher

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