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    Weapons Cypher

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    Weapons Cypher - Page 2 Empty Re: Weapons Cypher

    Post by dmbowie89 on Wed Dec 04, 2013 11:43 am

    Ill caps lock the shit out of you
    leaving you mentally scarred and bruised
    use the num locks to bash in your fucking head
    Put on scroll locks to smash you till your dead
    Back to the typos im a straight psycho
    mental case using caps to buy insurance Gieco

    Next Weapon; Horse Cock
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    Weapons Cypher - Page 2 Empty Re: Weapons Cypher

    Post by UnculJulio90300060 on Tue Apr 14, 2015 6:14 pm

    Everythings alright Hit ya with the hydrochloroform
    Now the horse cock in ya got ya shocked like a thunderstorm
    Fucked me over when I put shirts on ya back
    Now a stallion on ya back
    Buisness is business i'll handle it myself
    but everything personal is comin out my wealth
    You did a bid now you think that you the hot shit
    i'll take a picture of ya jumpin off the horse dick
    send it to ya mama and wela bitch
    cuz when you was locked up they didn't give a shit
    woke up now you see me but your mouth aint movin
    remember me motherfucka horse starts movin
    you a sik boy playin with the dik boy
    you gonna have to stuff your ass from droppin all yo shit boy

    Next weapon AR-15 bought from ISIS
    Char Lee
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    Weapons Cypher - Page 2 Empty Re: Weapons Cypher

    Post by Char Lee on Sat May 30, 2015 5:26 pm

    The Halo's fallen off, but the game's yet to begin
    cover my face, but my eyes and know the evil is within
    supplied and provided by Luci's first class ridas
    hollow tip's solid motive: make ya mom's hit 'Riah's highest.
    & I didn't want to
    I'm for the peace
    just had to push me over
    mountains peak,
    now I know no limits
    don't know the word of no
    clapback season
    finna flip your name to Toetag Joe
    Head hunting weather
    a Brain storm is sure goal
    & when I'm finished
    go back to camp and settle with my soul
    pray to God aloud
    and just - let it go
    Spray these fucking ISIS,
    Middle East just got some snow.
    - Char Lee.

    Next weapon: notepad.
    Street Slayer
    Street Slayer
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    Weapons Cypher - Page 2 Empty Re: Weapons Cypher

    Post by Street Slayer on Thu Jul 09, 2015 12:06 pm

    I'll stick yo whole crib up with just a knife.
    You better shut the fuck up if you love life.
    "why you on my turf"oh I was looking for yo wife.
    You better listen up now because I got extra.
    I got yo bitch,hit her with the morning dick.
    My bars go so hard its yo bitch sick.
    You the type of nigga that'll suck dick for a train ticket
    Yo bars so lame as hell when you spit them,you hear a cricket.
    Yeah shut the fuck up put yo hands in yo pocket.
    You know better you dirty ass nigga,say something else and ill stuff you in an socket.
    I'm done for now,sprinkle ash get yo ass kicked ,wild.

    next weapon Ak 47

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    Weapons Cypher - Page 2 Empty Re: Weapons Cypher

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