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    MUST READ !!!


    MUST READ !!! Empty MUST READ !!!

    Post by Guest on Tue Mar 25, 2008 11:11 am


    All artists prior to dropping your own Piece,
    Must first crit' or drop FEEDBACK on two pieces from other
    artists (THIS IS A MUST)...
    If u do not provide two links in your own Audio thread in 24 hrs, your
    post will be closed 'til u provide a super/mod 2 links Via PM

    Keep the Freeposting to a minimum FREEPOSTING and
    SPAMMING EXCESSIVELY will not be tolerated!!
    This is a Place to Drop your Best and get feedback and accept
    critisisms about your piece to Make you A BETTER EMCEE .

    Mods will be keeping watchful eyes on those spamming and freeposting... every thread will be Read and listened and crit'd by Mod team / Admin.

    SO with all this said... please Respect others and respect the Rules and
    lets make this a nice, clean Forum!!

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