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    Deathrow releasing new DR.DRE & 2PAC albums


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    Deathrow releasing new DR.DRE & 2PAC albums

    Post by cronik239 on Sun Jun 21, 2009 12:26 am

    Deathrow records wants to release a remake of Dr.Dre's the Chronic album, and they plan on releasing new never before heard 2pac songs....

    read the full article here -

    What ya'll think about that? I know some people are mad they won't let pac just rest in peace, and some people are just happy to hear pacs music again..
    idk.. i think it's cool that he gets to live on through his music, he made so many songs, they should be heard, idk what pacs mom thinks about it though....

    and I wonder what dre thinks about them releasing his older unfinished songs...

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