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    Post by BabyFacedBandit on Fri Jun 19, 2009 9:24 am

    Hey Everybody this is my first freestyle in a while... Tell me what you think

    Ye ye..its the baby faced bandit that is asumed but now that im here you no you all doomed
    so sit down kick it and pass the mike listen to my story as i recite
    you all all here to play im here for keeps this ant radio so you wont here no bleeps
    no censored shit nothings pre write its all from my head so shut up and sit
    show some respect and bow down before me and dont get in my face unless its an orgy
    im all ways up for sex my life is complex but ill put it in text you never know whats next
    im like a book you just cant read its like you dyslexic it comes in slow speeds
    this is my return my stomack starts to churn my hands start to burn but my my mind stays set firm
    on my objective my rhymes are subjective so dont act desptive
    my rhymes are burning her lips ye the one between her hips on my rader she just moves in blips
    i ant scared to return in fact i embrace it you just gotta face it
    im back im here with the devil whispering in my ear
    im a bandit so can it and rate fuck it m gona go and mastabate!!!! lol! lol! lol!

    eh ye so tell me what you think drunken drunken drunken

    El 6dia6lo6
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    Post by El 6dia6lo6 on Mon Jun 22, 2009 4:16 am

    alright man check it
    heres your constructive criticisim
    who better then the devil whos in your ears whisper'n in em just aint your hobby
    cuz i can clearly read your rhymes an they just a bit choppy
    you claim your drunk kid but im hearin an excuse
    cuz when i shit man i see those lines in my duece
    your rhymes you post they aint much dude
    its like faded text on my paper
    i call that old news
    now you called on the devil
    an im hear to save ya
    ill make these words numb yer...
    body you can call me the tasor
    chop ya up like coke man
    you can call me the razor
    but no matter what names you got
    to me your always known as kramer
    if you want recognition kid im sayin goodluck
    but between u an me ud have better chances by remaking 2 girls an 1 cup
    now lets talk about you being dyslexic
    are you ok dude? did you get a prescription?
    did your moms tell you they fixed it?
    i tnod kniht yeht did zuc ruoy senil era yssup i kniht yeht evag uoy negortse
    whats that last line say?
    here ill rewrite it for the people who aint dyslex'n
    i dont think they did cuz your lines are pussy i think they gave you estrogen
    i apologize for that little mishap
    but i wrote it just for bandit cuz hes got a hidden handicap
    now dude heres the main part you really need to fix stat
    your far to queer to get an orgy on your face
    thats why your rap ended with "fuck it m gona go and mastabate"
    so thats the crtiticisim that i promised
    but dont give up on being a major emcee
    cuz you havent quite lost it
    but sorry dude i tore it its just prison mentality
    its just what happens when ur title is fresh meat

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    Post by MizAlyB on Sat Sep 26, 2009 10:39 pm

    Okay okay... that was a cute little play.
    Punch hit Judy in the mafuckin face!
    Spread irish gutses all over da place...
    But a shark smells the blood,
    and it must have a taste...
    Enter the illist,
    the greatest of greats...
    Full slate like a villian;
    I makes no mistakes...
    When I gets to killin
    I chop ya like steaks...
    Gimme some space
    for the art I create...
    Poisonous darts
    4 ya neck n ya face...
    SPLAT! No debates...
    Its a closed-casket wake...
    Blame it on you
    for the life thats a waste...
    Or maybe your moms
    and that dude who she raped...
    If you say it ain't true
    then the truth you debate.
    We can't even save ya
    ...its too fuckin late!!!
    Defective personality trait #1...
    Your spit is some dumb
    and it doesn't rhyme son...
    Take some more time on
    those lines and then come... shot from this mind n you're done...
    Your flows sound like they were
    designed by someone young...
    Young enough to clutch a breast
    and whine and suck a thumb...
    My advice to you
    is save your life and start to run...
    Cus I truck ducks,
    and fucks em up just for fun....


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    Post by EpicTheory on Mon Sep 28, 2009 12:08 am

    You dont Truck suck Dicks
    Eat ass and Drink piss...ya dumb bitch
    This my House...Im God Zilla
    U Mickey Mouse?? or Vanilla??
    your swagger on a negative milla

    Talkin bout you throw a Poisonous Dart
    you be at WaL-mart with food stamps in ya Kart
    prolly buyin Miley Cyrus
    Im takn over this site like a virus
    your flows in the minus
    and I cant tell if you like dick or vaginas

    sorry that i gotta curse...
    but before you spit another verse
    better pull some new rymes out ya purse
    cuase right now........... you the worst rapper on this earth

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    Post by MizAlyB on Tue Sep 29, 2009 2:45 pm

    EpicTheory's just another fag HACK...
    comin at me to rescue his lover from attack...
    Betta dead his quack or step it on back
    or I won't fuckin cut him no slack...
    His breath smells like sack n he dresses in black
    to make him look thinner cus he feels so fat
    when he looks in the mirror and pops him a lax....
    shits out his dinner and douches his ass....
    I don't want to spoil it...
    but "the cat's out the bag..."
    Easy access like jeans that he sags....
    Needs some more practice or maybe a gag
    stuffed in his face when he bitches and nags...
    His entire swag is some disrespect for women
    but in a minute he'll be swimmin in his own blood...
    Fuckin slug shoulda thought... now he's stainin the rug
    Shouldn't have showed off his ugly ass mug
    but he'll sleep in the grave that he dug...
    Who the fuck are you to question my shit?
    Blessings omitted; Next crime I commit
    is slittin the jugular of this slimy little jit.
    Tryna be grimy but showin no wit....
    Don't call me a bitch cus it makes you look lame...
    You oughtta be ashamed of the spit that you claim...
    You're a human shit stain that is lacking in game...
    Don't even aim cus I'm outta your range.
    Like the mafuckin moon, I wax while you wane...
    My flows are insane, check the facts; I'm not playn
    with suckas like Epic, with necks like a crane
    from suckin on dicks while he's high and deranged;
    hittin that pipe, sayin "I like it when they call me Jane"...
    My ideas are like rain and your whole show is plain...
    Showered with power like my name was D.Blain...
    Watching you cower; I witness your pain...


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    Post by EpicTheory on Thu Oct 01, 2009 11:33 pm

    aghhh i didnt wanna have to do this


    I Guess Rymes are slim pickins for these chickens
    Callin me a hack?? When you need to wash them extensions
    Im dirty......I wanna see things Bleed
    so believe...I wont hesitate to grab this hoes weave
    and make her blow me off till she needs new knees
    bitch please.......Calln me deranged...

    Your Damn wanna test my range???
    I aim for lames brains, and cuase stains when the clip bangs,
    Empty out Veins onto your moms windows panes..
    Till your white shirt looks like xtra Large candy canes
    Spit sumtn done fukn wit deez plain Janes...
    That cant spit one hot line..I aint sayin no names...... AlyB

    "The Cats out the Bag"??????

    I would wrather eat a pussy on its Rag,
    swallow piss and gag on dicks than listen to this dumb bitch
    try to spit shit...
    You might be the worst of all time.
    you suck so bad Ill sacrifice a Line
    Dont ever try to come at Theory
    you get shit on like that dude from Zak and mirri
    im colder than lake eirie..and you Aint Near Me
    Its ok to Fear Me.....Cuase you so Feel Me???
    And you aint no gangster....get real B...
    damn this flow was filthy......

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    Post by MizAlyB on Fri Oct 02, 2009 11:37 pm

    Its plainer than plain that your rhymes don't compare
    When you claim to be deep
    then you speak on my HAIR!?!
    Just another hint of your gay fuckin flair...
    Next you'll be telling me what's best to wear....
    Don't you dare say it isn't true....that
    the priest in your parrish bent ya over the pew....
    Comin at me tryna sound fuckin cute
    but all of your sleez I refute:
    Learn to recognize a weave when you see one!
    The reason you suck off so many men
    is because you won't ever quite be one...
    Pushin blowjobs like "I'll give ya a free one,"
    when you look 4 your dick you don't see one....
    You try to talk slick on your rerun
    but it sounds like garbage written on a napkin...
    Satisfaction is fuckin you up twice, or thrice,
    -dicin' you up like a fraction...
    To light you on fire was my honest reaction
    cus you're useless like tires with no traction...
    I see you like to battle
    but debating my style was unwise...
    I despise wiseguys that come on some wild lies.
    I'll cut your cluckin throat then I'll watch ya fuckin die
    with your body gettin bloated and your mouth all open wide... (as usual)
    Shoulda neva even tried to get on some snide...
    Shit could get real drastic like you stuck in a horror ride;
    Plastic bag for your face; for the fakeness you supplied....
    This is lyrical mase to the space that encases your mind....
    I peeped ya hatred then sighed like "Not again...."
    Skeezas like you blend ignorance with sin
    and multiply it by ten....
    And of course I'm the target when you cry and you vent
    cus MY LINES ARE THE same TRUTH you bent....
    I know it hurts and it drives you berserk but
    NOWHERE is where your spit went....Arrow

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    Post by MizAlyB on Fri Oct 02, 2009 11:44 pm


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    Post by daniel872 on Sat Nov 21, 2009 5:49 pm

    sicker thean ever alyb...

    Fresh Meat

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    Post by tdubPAT on Tue Dec 01, 2009 2:45 am

    dis is travis; dis bout ta get tragic
    im killin dis freestlye like magic
    but it aint magic im real
    y ya gurl always wanna feel?
    im eatin dis flo like a fuckin meal
    im from da land of da trill
    P-A-T nigga yuh dat shit ill
    im so electric im like a eel
    i go hard like steel
    nigga im ill
    dont fuck wit me im kinda big deal
    im tough like a navy seal
    im rolla coasta status you just ferrris wheel
    i ride chrome wheels
    pass me the ball or maybe the pill
    i jus fucked ya gurl, is her name jill?
    you cant break me
    you cant shake me
    try that crossover
    give me tha ball
    n call it game ova
    beat me n you lucky
    like a fo leaf clova
    you look ugly
    like a fuckin ogre

    basketball my game
    t-dub my name
    hall of fame swag
    betta than Kareem with his six rings
    got my bitches callin me king
    pass me the crown
    like yung joc said it goin down
    im aint tryin to brag
    but ready to thro da white flag?

    im the shit ya know
    lights camera action when i pull up toda show
    bitch ass hoe
    ill get on this some mo
    just give me a minute i gotta blow the dro
    i just killed dat hoe


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    Post by $Pandemik$-$Epidemikk$ on Tue Dec 01, 2009 6:26 pm

    Yea yea yea

    I'm the rawest nigga in the game,
    Keep my trigga fingaz on aim
    Get these other bitches some wheelchairs,
    Cus all these other niggaz lame

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