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    Post by Guest on Tue Mar 25, 2008 10:07 am

    Every New Written will have 2 links to feedback you've dropped...links can not be re-used..the staff will be checking links daily...

    If you do not post links within 24 hours of posting a new topic, the topic will be closed untill you pm a staff member your links to your feedback..

    This Is To Ensure That People Get Feedback On Their Pieces...

    ThankYou... Management/Supermod.

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    Post by macwieze on Fri Mar 06, 2009 8:21 am

    shorty wanna be ma official girl
    told her right, and kiss that girl
    i told her i don't need a superficial girl
    and i don't want a just kiss you girl
    all i really want is a special girl (yeah)
    right down the back hairs that twist and curl
    shorty lets get this straight from the start
    i need a girl who love me from the heart
    straight up no bark, like the way she walk
    the way she talk - its a work of art
    yea she touch that part- kiss that mark
    let me leap from the back of the seat
    that look she crawl on her hands and feet
    twist and turn in passion and heat
    love like this i miss her kisses so sweat
    i push she wine she's stush she climb, i sink it deep

    done by Maurice (macwieze) Campbell remix of official girl

    Death Star
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    Post by Death Star on Thu Mar 04, 2010 10:34 am

    shorty can't be my official girl
    cuz erytime u see me I with a different girl
    bitches suck dick I ain't gon kiss you girl
    and if you walk away I won't miss you girl
    whats that? hair extensions? I thought they were curls
    yeah you gat a cute face but with nappy hair its spoiled
    pimpin is an art be glad you could witness it
    yeah one day I'll fall but not for no chicken bitch
    until I find her I'll be hittin clits
    shit is real my currency ain't counterfeit
    and all I see is bitches I wanna hit
    some niggas fake but this is that honest shit
    the earth is cracking apart ain't no time to be sweet
    thats why I don't fall in love with ery girl I meet
    love is far beyond words, words can't get that deep
    so rule number one is when you sleep I creep

    242 official girl remix: done by De'Angelo (The Angel of Death aka Death Star)

    Death Star
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    Post by Death Star on Thu Mar 04, 2010 10:37 am

    sorry bout that but I had to respond to this even tho homeboy rappin at the management and shit

    brick layer
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    Post by brick layer on Fri Mar 12, 2010 12:46 am

    i never a chic that was offical, but i had a bad bitch and she was my pistol, she had a fat ass and a fuckin kick too! come walk up on me and find out what this bitch do! she had some bad kids maybe about 9 and if you push her to the limits i promise she wont decline! It aint the matter that was she was a go getter, i coud never go wrong she was my pinch hitter! she never let me down always got me out a jam, hitting niggas in the head arms legs, like damn! i will always miss her cause i had to graduate, had to get her big brother when i travel with the weight

    Death Star
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    Post by Death Star on Fri Mar 12, 2010 9:14 am

    hey dawg that was good but don't get mad tho I still think mine is better

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    Post by azihmiz on Mon Aug 22, 2011 5:53 pm

    You talk alot of shit then you run from me
    actin like your girl who desperately wants me
    im glad you gotta new flow writer
    but your shits still whack
    your flows still tired
    your still a liar actin like you spit fire
    but you cudnt spit a flame if you was a lighter
    so now ima spit a verse thats really gonna hurt
    i couldve been your dad
    but i let the dog go first
    this shit is for real
    so this is the deal
    ima boss at this rap thing
    for you this is just a summer fling
    this is nothing like i want it to be
    to bad you cant even compete with me

    Mic spitta
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    Post by Mic spitta on Sun Jan 19, 2014 7:56 pm

    I come here and see no skill, I sit to hunt return with no kill, poured glass of scotch just to spill, man this shit real, maybe just me but please, take time to believe that this shit needs, one thing, that's to bleed, out nigga what I wright about, my life that's right just might, sound kinda shitty it is but I sweatin, I stay happy never lettin, the bad shit bring me down, never get turned around, my nigga Greg got shot, fuck now he's just a thought, I'm expected to move on? Fuck that I want revenge, am I Guna kill that just depends, on if the opportunity arrives, but I'm lucky I got friends who talked to me and got me high, prolly saved my life, everyday I cry bout that day and sit and hope and pray that shit stays away from my life if my future wife ever was in fear she would not need to be cuz id be near, I'm always here I don't want to sound like a queer, talking about all that, but what it's important is what I rhyme about not trap

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    Post by AbcYbme on Mon Apr 21, 2014 2:40 am

    I've got a great opportunity treated as I had diplomatic immunity, Your just immediately following trying to presue in me, Members of official invitation to be dungeoned internally with Satan, Fuck all these has-bins, Like bitch you half kids? Snapped up took away in napkins, I'm Jurassic with the word I can backflip it hard like gymnastics on the wood, Breaking crackheads teeth like I should, Shut your mouth before I make it quiff like I could, Curb stomping for birds leave em with no memory not even the blurs...
    Street Slayer
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    Post by Street Slayer on Mon Jul 13, 2015 7:49 am

    Let's go

    Hustle like Im broke
    Your shit is just a joke
    Its all on me and I bet I never choke
    I killed your flow with a freestyle
    You can rap back but it might be while
    Until I reply, my oh my
    You lames workin bad bishes twerkin
    Stack my racks up cuz Im puttin work in
    She popped that ass til she said it hurtin
    I dont care, treat her like a ho
    CREAM til the end all a hustler knows
    Just how it goes, ya I suppose
    Watch that bish drop straight to floor
    Flipped that bitch over put on fours
    Here I come, woah bish woah
    We ride 84s, we tote 44s
    Talk that ish get your head choppd off
    Yeah Im out I beast I boss

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    Post by Camgom116 on Thu Jan 26, 2017 8:40 pm

    Everybody spit about guns and whoes.
    While I'm over here overdosed on the holy ghost
    Suppose my flows propose a change.
    Would you oppose the blows and fold the game?
    Or go all in like you sold your chain.
    Enough with the religion.moving past that.
    Corny rappers get laughed at.
    But I'm get bored he's the mic, I'll pass that.

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    my religious rhythm

    Post by PR3TTYB0YY on Mon Mar 13, 2017 3:58 am

    yo my lyricism and rhythm is a religion which begun,
    from ah vision i written, i was givin' a definition,
    risin from a prison, stayed drivin; with ambition now im,
    winnin', this competition my vision is perfect precision,
    while your shit is rewritten with a million revisions even,
    with ambition your no competition your the definition,
    of wishin' of your fiction, keep dreaming seeking the meaning of,
    leading, thinking you''ll be defeating me your day dreaming yeah yo,
    as i was saying i say things amazing which always amazes,
    me, aint that amazing lately ive been slaying aiming, oh and,
    dominating while fans praising, i aint playing claiming fame and,
    entertaining to days generation with my reputation.
    makin' expectations said the nation with my dictation and,
    imagination, takin away frustration and sin makin'
    our reputation an inspiration, as i step on stage with,
    a unimaginable presentation, there medication.
    feelin' the crowd with sensations all around they surround screaming,
    so loud cant hear my own sound im so proud , ya thats the shit im proud,
    about, loud crowds crowding around lovin' what im about without,
    any doubt so they just shout thats what im about a loud crowd ya.
    drowned out by the shout out, crowned king of the blackout cause i,
    standout, aint askin' for a handout on my own rout to make my,
    parents proud, that i vowed, supporting my dreams as the shout my name,
    as i overcame my enemies with my melodies being the.
    fuckin best of these out of the rest of these nobodys cause i
    got specialties, i see my dreams i must achieve with these sheets of,
    rhyme schemes unseen to this scene so obscene they seem so mean and clean,
    now you see im mainstream of the screen with my schemes and themes oh ya.
    im so unique the way i speak, at my peak in the lead with,
    perfect technique, in my own league of just being king thats me im,
    just being me with my gold bling swingin' im a livin' g crazy,
    as could be, but free from everybody like a nobody.
    got many hobby, love to party drinkin' coffee doin molly,
    ya no one can stop me livin' societies fantasy with my,
    family in reality happily, financially my banks,
    reached max compacitie, so now i got three, ya im truly,
    makin' history with poetry hopefully you notice, me ya
    totally know its me when you hear me sing and you sing along,
    keep it on and rock along, it will rock them all like a rocket,
    takin' off 3,2,1 takeoff, were off this like pays off no lay offs, got,
    a house with eight floors, life size game boreds, a race course i even,
    got a race horse, gold floors, doors, drawers and more cause this family,
    scores and shows no remorse, the definition of inspirations,
    to this populations thats me, showin' that motivation, and,
    determination can reach your dreams destination, ya with your
    dedication you can change your own stations, pages find your greatness,
    become famous, travel to new places, i invite you to join the,
    races, the races to greatness cause if you want it anyone can make it.

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