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    Novokane is about to sauce up your playlist with his latest single FXXX


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    Novokane is about to sauce up your playlist with his latest single FXXX

    Post by devilmecry on Tue Oct 10, 2017 10:03 am

    Having previously received national radio airplay and written and produced music for some of the biggest acts in the UK, such as BBK and Melissa Steel, Novokane knows exactly how to make tunes which make people feel a certain type of way in the clubs. His latest tune is no exception. As soon as DJs drop FXXX, the entire club will break-out into the duttiest of wines.
    Already know for his prowess behind the boards, Novokane shows his vocal talent on this addictive melody. More than just a producer, Novokane wants to show that his talent is limitless, covering multiple genres and vocal styles. Having previously featured on Hillsdoms DnB hit lucid dreams, Novokane has shown that he has the formula, he has the method, he can create multiple hits, in multiple genres at any given time. There might be three, four, five hits records involving Novokane on the radio in any given month, without the public knowing of his contribution.
    Now Novokane is coming from behind the boards to take the limelight for himself, if you did not previously know the name Novokane, you will do now. FXXX is about to FXXX up your playlist.
    Stream FXXX now on all major platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify
    Contact Novokane on
    Please contact for more information
    Twitter - @IAMNOVOKANE
    Instagram - @IAMNOVOKANE
    Facebook - @Novokaneofficial

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