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    Press release for Jupiter Grey ‘Black Mirrors’



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    Press release for Jupiter Grey ‘Black Mirrors’

    Post by devilmecry on Tue Apr 11, 2017 12:26 pm

    Jupiter Grey looks to turn RnB on its head with his debut single ‘Black Mirrors.’ The club beats which are omnipresent in modern RnB are absent from this record. Instead listeners are treated to raw, passionate vocals over a beat which uses actual instruments. Jupiter’s music does not come from a production line. Rather, it is an authentic expression of his identity as an artist, of his wish to be unique, and of the wide array of influences which have inspired him to create music.
    Coming from Jupiter’s debut EP ‘Wounded Soul’ this track offers sonic poetry, giving listeners a chance to understand the singer’s emotional contortions as he fought through a difficult period in his life. Everything in this track is authentic. Nothing is exaggerated, nothing is added. ‘Black Mirrors’ is a genuine expression of Jupiter’s feelings, laid bare for the public. Jupiter wants to express exactly who he is through his music. The journey into sound presented by the excellent guitar riff present throughout the song is also a journey into Jupiter’s soul. The track was made to not only cross the musical boundaries represented by genre, but also cultural boundaries, as everyone can relate to Jupiter’s authentic musical style.
    It is never easy differing from the norm. Many artists are unwilling to take risks. However, Jupiter Grey is not many artists. He presents a unique musical version through an excellent track through ‘Black Mirrors.’ Listeners may be surprised to hear music which may be more closely associated with rock on RnB radio. Yet, they are about to hear Jupiter’s music everywhere thanks to this irresistible record. Your favourite radio station will find it incredibly difficult to leave Jupiter’s orbit.
    Connect with Jupiter Grey on social media via:

    Twitter - @jupitergreyuk
    Facebook – @JupiterGreyMusic
    Instagram @Jupiter_grey_uk
    Spotify : Jupiter Grey

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