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    Topic: Hip-Hop

    Matt The Ripper
    Matt The Ripper

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    Topic: Hip-Hop Empty Topic: Hip-Hop

    Post by Matt The Ripper on Mon Mar 24, 2008 9:42 pm

    This is Hip-Hop, where wack MC's pick up a mic just to lip-off!
    Even when they don't got shit to say! There the one's I flip-off!
    I go from spit to spray! I'm lucky when I can come home sayin' I didn't get hit today!
    Sometimes I feel like sayin', "I don't give a shit today!" I don't live to spit too late!
    I say what I gotta say when I gotta say it! If this is a game, then I gotta play it!
    I gotta save it from you wack MC's who deface it!
    Yeah, you know who you are! You probably ass-to-face it,
    'n you never go ass-to-mouth! You probably ask-to-face it!
    Probably too embarassed to embrace it! Maybe you gotta dick,
    but you don't know where to place it! See, i'm not afraid to say shit!
    I just make shit up, like you probably take shit up the ass
    while you're butt-naked!
    Fuck it! I never fake it! My flow's legit, you can't break it!
    I'll throw my hardest punchline, lets see if you can take it!
    We'll go best two out of three, lets see if you can make it!
    Fresh Meat

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    Topic: Hip-Hop Empty Re: Topic: Hip-Hop

    Post by KG on Wed Aug 13, 2008 12:24 pm

    This dude trying to flow but he watches hockey
    Wearing his toronto maple leaf jersey looking like a low-budget rocky
    Matt the Ripper but he runs from the ripper
    Police came to his house and said can we take canadians nigga
    He got arrested for selling ass at hunts point
    While I'm at the crib smoking up a fat joint
    Punchlines, more like in them bars getting punched in the ass
    Hip-Hop dont need a rap version of Steve Nash
    He assists faggots in the bedroom
    How I found out, When his girl came in last night to celebrate a full moon
    And all she saw was him getting his salad tossed
    By a faggot he picked up out of the trailer park
    Damn dude, I didn't know you get down like that
    Now ya girl get down and dirty with a real cat
    You can call me 101 dalmatians
    Because ya girl saw my crib and thought it was a cruella deville presentation
    Matt the Ripper go back to Canada and watch the raptors play ball
    And don't stare at Chris Bosh's Balls
    Intermediate Member
    Intermediate Member

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    Topic: Hip-Hop Empty Re: Topic: Hip-Hop

    Post by Ppickles on Thu May 07, 2009 10:18 pm

    The subject say HIP hop but your shit aint hip its way weak the way you hit saying shit about your crib but dont lie motherfucker we know you aint big dont diss on the raptors cuz they will tear you up worse then i did to your sisters cunt KG you take it in the butt then turn around and take the nut right to the face your a fucking discgrace dont even try to step cuz i will put you in your place smack you like a pimp right across your face dont try and diss me thats your first mistake you will get droped like a pulled grenande
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    Topic: Hip-Hop Empty Re: Topic: Hip-Hop

    Post by Scarecrow on Fri Feb 12, 2010 12:39 am

    one love, much love, my niggas in this game
    and it seems those who rose to fame
    all sound the same
    how many of these niggas have even seen a ki of cane?
    fuck, I bet they ain't even seen an ounce of blow
    niggas better rap about what they know
    cause you can master lingo,
    but that don't mean you know snow
    white, and her seven dwarfs
    cut crack and go
    but you don't know
    rap zar
    Fresh Meat

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    Topic: Hip-Hop Empty Re: Topic: Hip-Hop

    Post by rap zar on Fri Dec 02, 2011 10:42 pm

    there aint no way you can do it,
    you've got to be it,
    thats how i see hop,
    i am hop.
    needle hits the groove,
    thats when i slam hop,
    the true shit,
    is not only alive, but well,
    my capabillity swell,
    time invested keeps me compelled,
    to pass on the craft of thrashing mics,
    down to the children,
    now get to building,
    you haters im not feeling
    Fresh Meat

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    Topic: Hip-Hop Empty Re: Topic: Hip-Hop

    Post by Jedgar on Wed Jan 11, 2012 11:00 pm

    Fuck the whack MCs,
    Wanna see you dumb fucks take a shot at me,
    Make your very own mother drop to her knees,
    Thats right,
    Im a motherfucker but yall dick suckers,
    You call the subject Hip Hop,
    Bitch you just tip topped off your aweful rhymes,
    You dumbases be rapping like you have a chance,
    Bitch you aint gangsta just cause you sag your pants,
    Or have a rag on your hip,
    Be claimin your a crip,
    West Side 4 Life Motherfucker,
    Think any different you better start to run for cover,
    My lyrics be killer,
    Call them the new OJ because you better make way,
    Shove your whole family into a shoebox,
    Better off calling me Casey Anthony,
    Bitch your weak rhymes dont stand a chance with me,
    Fuck The Haters.
    Im Out.

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    Topic: Hip-Hop Empty Re: Topic: Hip-Hop

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