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    BWA Kane : "Barely Famous"


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    BWA Kane : "Barely Famous"

    Post by indiecastle on Sun Mar 27, 2016 1:20 pm

    Proud moment. Thatís usually a hashtag that I place under a picture that I upload to Instagram that captures a piece of time and space that brings to mind, something great happened. But when you see a friend or family member reach a milestone in their life, that you watched from itís conception, you make a mental hashtag, today is a proud moment.

    BWA Kane. Breadwinner Kane. Kane from Artillery South. Huntsville, Alabama Kane. Itís been about 4 years since Iíve been acquainted with the CEO who picked up the mic and decided he wanted to rap about the life he really was living versus watching a new wave of rappers who were nothing but pretenders. Cosigned by his infamous brother, Kevin Gates and produced by the ďTrap HouseĒ maestro, Zaytoven, himself, Kane set out to make himself famousÖÖbarely.

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