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    slewdem gyal

    Post by wiskerz on Mon May 04, 2015 12:53 pm

    I met this girl I thumped her then I dumped her
    she was all like wait don't you want my number
    I said sorry hun but I'll catch you on the rebound
    She was all like wait what does this mean now
    I said it is what it is and now I gotta go
    She started freaking out screaming hey I ain't no fucking ho
    I laughed at her said actually you are
    I just met you 15 minutes ago down at the local bar
    After ten minutes of talking we were in the back of your car
    You sucked that dick like true porn star
    So Don't be ashamed of your promiscuous ways
    Bet you can't have just one, dick to you is like lays

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