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    Works In Progression

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    Works In Progression

    Post by UnculJulio90300060 on Tue Apr 14, 2015 3:50 pm

    Bitch bend down
    gotta bring me down
    droja sack in tact
    know that's a fact
    im ridin strapped
    k'd up hashtag "I'm dangerous"
    No other gangstaz that's as smooth as us
    No other gangstaz that's as rude as us
    No other gangstaz gun be rude to us
    Round my waist is that stainless cuz
    War crime and we mafia
    broiled up on that aqua
    Vendetta Guerilla keep a choppa boy
    Chop-a-boy like uncul julio
    in a tonka toy with my movie on
    eight'a cain
    on a plane
    know my name
    name your price
    how the fuck you gettin this shit back to us
    that's cus she put it in her coochie hole
    but dont go diggin in her coochie bro
    Knot of dough
    Don't take my kindness for weakness
    i'll kill you for weakness
    no last breath
    leavin you speechless
    hope theres a price on your head cuz i'll kill you boys for awhole lot less then a lot of dough
    no kiddin im riddin yu shittin
    for five thousand dollars i'll do
    you boys like a cockaroach

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    Re: Works In Progression

    Post by mInart/yOUn on Fri Mar 30, 2018 4:08 am

    ... I mob you for weakness till you blast aside, no wonder they call you Jr death be your... Not the best rhyme seen bit lacking contrast

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