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    stop terrorism


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    stop terrorism

    Post by wiskerz on Tue Feb 24, 2015 9:55 pm

    I'll fuck up your whole coalition
    Cuz I got a vision
    To blow up
    this whole religion
    Not trying to make
    Any rash decisions
    But I think it's time for
    You bitches
    To listen
    This is an
    Isis prohibition
    It's too late now
    this engines
    firing on all pistons
    I think I speak for everyone
    from non believers
    jahovas witnesses
    to Christians
    Yall deserve death
    fuck prison
    Now that I got
    your attention
    It's probably time
    that I mention
    That war is not my intention
    This is me just venting
    Speaking up for people
    who don't have a voice
    Why do you people act
    you don't have a choice
    Please stop
    all of this noise
    Think that black mask
    is intimidating
    Think what your doing
    Is liberating
    This is for all you
    Who are still debating
    Make that choice
    And you
    and anyone Related
    Will be invaded
    Chopped to pieces
    Blade surrated
    Your half way famous
    Wit acts so heiness
    Screaming jihad made us
    Y'all really think
    Jihad all save yas
    Hold ona minute
    Let me freeze this
    Do these people Really believe this
    Woman and children
    Blowing em selves
    To pieces
    Manipulating you to think
    If you don't it's treason
    Like your just looking
    For a reason
    But you don't wanna unleash
    This beast when
    I open my mouth
    N start to speaking
    But I ain't one
    Fir preaching
    But Your brains all be
    All over these streets cuz
    You decided to get
    Dressed up
    Better vest up
    Keep your head cuz
    We're fed up
    Now it's disaster you get
    Murdered then smothered
    In plaster
    Take your face off like castor

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