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    read thisish

    Post by wiskerz on Tue Feb 24, 2015 9:50 pm

    I could give two Fucks if you people are impressed
    I'm just saying there's sum shit that I need to get up off my chest
    Cuz for too long now these feelings have been suppressed
    When I reminisce
    Of those everlasting nights
    Cold lonely and depressed
    For some of you this may be harder to digest
    But put yourself in my shoes like what would expect
    Such unbearable stress
    Just so these fiends have crack n heroin to inject
    So wallets n purses you better protect
    Cuz don't think for one sec
    That a fiend would hesitate to snatch the chain up off your neck
    Cuz there desperate as fuck n in a whole month they only see one cheque
    Finding it hard to breathe like I'm stuck in a corset
    Thinking I got it under control but still wake up pouring sweat
    Why do I put myself through all this pain and torment
    It's like I get off on being stuck in this psychological vortex
    But I guess you gotta see the worst in order to progress
    If only it could be a smooth n easy process

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