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    something like love


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    something like love

    Post by wiskerz on Tue Feb 24, 2015 8:40 pm

    For you baby I'd walk miles
    To see them big Brown eyes n that breath taking smile
    Love grows every day even tho we've been apart for a while
    You light up my heart like the jewel of the Nile
    If you were in jail I'd bake you a cake with a file
    I'd risk my life for you to be free
    Bonnie n Clyde
    On a world wide
    Crime spree
    Me your king you my queen
    Together we make an unbeatable team
    You love so sweet it must be a dream
    Your loves got me hooked I feel like a fiend
    Chasing the Dragon
    To my friends I'm bragging
    Cuz I caught the most precious fish in the sea
    Got them all wishing they was me
    Cuz your the real deal not fake like plastic
    You weren't lying when you said love feels fantastic
    I now kno what I feel
    This love I can no longer mask it
    If I lost you it would be tragic
    My life would stop like traffic
    To get you back I'd do more backflips then gymnastics
    Cuz it's bout time I admit that I'm an Anna addict
    So just remeba
    You my lady n I'm your fella
    Hope this made you feel a lil betta
    Love you baby girl
    Ciao Bella

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    Re: something like love

    Post by mInart/yOUn on Fri Mar 30, 2018 4:12 am

    To one sided, no further due in harm do not you. Even if Bonnie and Clyde were to come through, I holl, at... Ya a tadbit one sided, try to keep up bar

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