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    poetic music


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    poetic music

    Post by wiskerz on Tue Feb 24, 2015 8:38 pm

    They tellin me I'm in denial
    when I'm at me pre trial
    but really these mu fuckas are senile
    they refuse to see the biggga picture
    refuse to see the good gestures
    but can't deny the pressure building up inside
    some say it's the only way they feel alive
    the only way to thrive
    on these streets at night
    ducking n dodging the cops when does it stop
    who would of thought
    that this kid from the gutter could end up on top
    but I got
    the game in missionary somewhat of a visionary
    Get left in the cemetery
    Rotten n buried
    Thoughts getting scary
    Drown it out wit some Mary
    N Don perrion
    What's going on
    I'm a mufuckinnnn renegade

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