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    poetic justice


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    poetic justice

    Post by wiskerz on Tue Feb 24, 2015 8:35 pm

    Ya mufuckas
    I'm slicka then black ice
    Sicka then Ebola
    Avoiding these damn terrorist in there Toyota carolla
    I'm not hear to annoy ya
    Just lemme be the first to show ya
    Trick ya into joining next thing you know your going

    But you don't wanna piss me off n get me on my Charles Manson
    You faggot ass ninjas getting chased by Chris Hanson
    Crying when you get caught
    Throwing ya lil tantrums

    Van city killing it
    Drugs I used to sell a bit
    Stole for the hell of it
    Spent time in a cell a bit
    Not that it's relevant
    But I was never celibate
    So fly fucking peliicans!!

    I was a young age when
    The doc said he's a kid who needs patience
    So let's make him a patient
    N hope prescriptions will change it
    Relax and sedate him
    So that's what they gave him
    But one day he didn'ttakeem he decided to save em
    Found some people n gavem
    They were like "shittt, this is amazing! I got so much energy I feel my heart racing" what was once fun has now turned into a craving
    Sheeeit, another addict born
    Another life torn
    Mothers love scorned
    But don't cry like you wasn't warned

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