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    rais ur wings for the falcon lord


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    rais ur wings for the falcon lord

    Post by FalconLord on Sat Nov 29, 2014 5:06 pm

    Falcon Lovers..! Uh.. Yeah.. Youtube absense! Raise your wings for the Falcon Lord! Hows's it going Falcons, my name is Falcon Lover, Here's some harass from a giraffe you smell like ass. ooo can you feel that sass? you think turning off the comments are stopping me? I have a master degree in snipery! Watch my 360 noscope from a tree while I dupree. You may have more subs than me but I have 5, and non of them are scrubs. maybe my brother.. and my suraget mother..but my sniper clan's got more noscopes than you can touch! I bet your btch ass dont even like falcons that much! I love falcons so.. yeah. Now listen up peeps, my face is in your moms buttcheeks, i'm a human centipede giving you creeps, oh wat is dis? its a great chocolate feast lasting for weeks! oo wat a delicious treat Very Happy! wait.. wait this isnt chocolate, is it.. aw.. cut! Join my sniper clan today! I give you a free b^j, wait no, not liking p$$y isnt gy, What? Who wrote this? Please like favorite and subscribe, and remember to forget to subscribe!

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