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    Just some ish I'm working on


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    Just some ish I'm working on

    Post by PrimeLord on Sat Oct 04, 2014 4:10 am

    I heard em saying Amen I said no fucking way man
    Creation is a myth I heard we came from fucking apes man
    Or was that AIDS I guess that makes more fucking sense then...
    Say a conspiracy, they proved it scientifically
    And typically I swallowed all the bullshit they'd been feeding me
    Since the age of fucking five they've had the school system deceiving me
    So I guess you can't be blaming me, for decisions never made by me
    I've been taught to seek approval of from the same people deceiving me
    Been taught to seek the truth then had tools all kept away from me
    Been taught that I can make it but that no one would believe in me
    I guess I saw the truth too late but couldn't recognize reality
    Too long I've lived my life surviving all of life's dualities
    I had my eyes wide shut, but now it's plain to me, it's plain to see,
    My system of belief is based solely on my lonely
    If I can't make it work I won't be turning to no holy
    They said the Meek shall inherit the earth
    So now I'm aiming for that Mil for whatever it's worth
    It might not buy me love but it'll add to the mirth
    And if I'm going broke then I can start up a church

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