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    wanna rap 4 real

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    wanna rap 4 real

    Post by br00klyn_K on Fri Feb 13, 2009 4:04 pm

    yo if you think you can rap then rap... none of this bullshity kid think you real. you think you good? then battle, then rap go head to head just rap
    Mak $AY
    Mak $AY
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    Loyal Member

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    Re: wanna rap 4 real

    Post by Mak $AY on Tue Mar 17, 2009 7:20 pm

    well then ima set it
    Dinner bout 2 b servd bitch come and get it
    im 2 legit and earned my credit
    and u jus a lame stuk on dedit
    even if u cud, w my rhymes u'd find nothin 2 edit
    there u go bitch i jus dun and said it my rhymes r perfect
    so fukin hi, i lifted off the ground
    amongst the clouds, can no longer be found
    ima rap animal u cannot bound
    so get the fuck away from Mak $AY
    cuz if u stay 2 close u'll smell like mary jay
    smoke so much ud think i was chillin w silent bob and jay
    once u c me, quick turn! other direction
    best get 2 steppin
    cuz im packin tha weapn
    fukin knife game'll leave ya
    like a box of deli thin sliced
    treat ya bitch like a cup cake on her i iced
    betta shave u head cuz
    im at yo dome like fukin lice
    so when u wana rap against me better think twice
    cuz Mak $AY aint fukin nice
    Tiny bagz
    Tiny bagz

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    Re: wanna rap 4 real

    Post by Tiny bagz on Sun May 17, 2009 8:44 pm

    Yo mutha fucka so you think you bad,
    You gonna need to get a motha fuckin writin pad,
    Cuz im'a bomb dis shit like an arab,
    Cuz yo punk ass think you are bad.
    You see you ain't no lil' wayne, no birdman junior,
    you just like slim shady just a cracker tryin to rap,
    but the truth homie is you sound like crap.
    So get off my stage nigga I aint playin no games,
    Cuz you gunna ruin all my fortune and fame.
    Since you are from da hood throw up your set,
    but that's all the action you'll ever get.
    Mak $ay iz bull shit there i said it,
    you so poor you can't afford debit.
    You see last night I waz in yo mommas bed,
    gettin some head,
    and her face turned red,
    and after that she waz dead.
    oops didn't mean that wait yes I did,
    Mak $ay so fat his house over flow wit shit.
    Your turn homie,
    but i'm warnin' your lil' bitch ass don't disapoint me.
    Tiny bagz
    Tiny bagz

    Posts : 38
    Join date : 2009-05-16
    Location : in ur moms pussy hole

    Re: wanna rap 4 real

    Post by Tiny bagz on Sun May 17, 2009 8:48 pm

    Suspect I be smokin lyk a bitch on crack
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    Re: wanna rap 4 real

    Post by model on Thu May 21, 2009 9:17 am

    Yo Check Dis Shih gyal, 4 On 1

    But I gonna be da Holmes with da 12 inch gun

    1 nut in da eye 'cause he claimz e da kind of guy

    An yo girl be proud to take a nut so fly

    I got dis site to skool all yo punk ayasses

    Bitchin bout me, in yo wack Erkle glasses

    Poppin off 'bout me bein so gay...

    say... what iz a "puccy" anyway?

    Take Biggie an Tupac an stuff em innna box

    Den pow in some talent and a little bit a clorox

    Ya know what ya have at da end a da day?

    Sweet Mutha Feckin J
    Fresh Meat

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    Re: wanna rap 4 real

    Post by jkilla6148 on Sun Jul 19, 2009 12:50 am

    say im a pussy than i am what i eat
    cuz the way i be spittin you know im descrete
    bitches talkin shit i feed em the concrete
    why meet hoe never felt a flow like my fuckin mo jo
    bitches all know bout this playah named JOE
    chillin back but keep ya on yo motha fuckin know,
    yet i spit like muh lips are a rhyme trigga
    thiss nigga be rappin unlike any other nigga
    i wouldnt kid ya.
    on any otha day niggas hate be callin ya boy gay.
    hottest flow a live but you know im so cold
    i be spittin new when ninggas be spittin old.
    bitch i drop the beat like im feelin tired but other niggas drop the mic
    cuz they know they got fired
    Fresh Meat

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    Re: wanna rap 4 real

    Post by raplyfe96 on Wed Apr 27, 2011 4:37 pm

    u mite not think tht im for real
    i got blu pained gold low and top hight grill
    i no i got the shit tht make u spit
    just hit the bong and rap ur songe lets make this 4 real
    i like ur flo i like ur sho but im the only one
    i got the flo i got the show n fuck ur 12 inch gunnnn rabbit
    Fresh Meat

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    Re: wanna rap 4 real

    Post by Slim_90 on Sat Jun 18, 2011 8:35 am

    Check it out yo This nigga's looking for a fight
    He wanna stand tall but Bitch' ain't got the height
    Yeah that's right, You the gayest in this site
    I'll have you motherfuckers thinkin comebacks all night

    I'll light a candle dawg, Your rhymes are fuckin dead
    Forget that bong nigga, Let's smoke a joint instead
    Get drunk, get high and I'll battle ya for fun
    Show respect, or you'll see the size of MY gun..
    Fresh Meat

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    Age : 25
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    Re: wanna rap 4 real

    Post by AIYYO... on Sat Oct 15, 2011 6:11 am

    FUCK all ur fuckin gunz, im talkin at all u bitchez
    i don need gun, i use my fuckin cock instead which is
    so fuckin hard n pumpy, ima make ur freaky ass feel grumpy
    shall i call u nigga or the ugly monkey?
    get the fuck out n tell ur friendz who fucked u was just a honky
    u li'l bastardz gotta get blasted, no u ain't li'l, u "biggie" bitchez that's it
    u can use my piss to fill ur water gun u tiny bagz
    then go play n ur hood n keep away from smarty fagz
    i don give fuck about ur freaky thoughts 'n ur farty ass
    i can waste my time really better than dissin ur ugly dadz

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    Re: wanna rap 4 real

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