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    majestically deep shit

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    majestically deep shit

    Post by juggalojoe23 on Sat Aug 02, 2014 8:51 pm

    lets see what do I think when I think of poetry I think of beauty the inner me my third eye helps my thoughts to sets them free a seed of sativa that sprouts up green beams of sun gleam thru cracks and leave thru a tree relax and feel the summer breeze sounds of windchimes as they cling its so serene bluest skys you’ve ever seen birds are chirping before sunrise asking for another day to rise and bring us warmth and light n give us guidance when weve lost sight brings growth to plants our live stalk eat and remember without these plants we could not breath because they provides us with the oxygen we need sitting down here by the lake you slowly realize this beautys no mistake sunset reflects off the waters border to my surprise with my own eyes i watch an eagle fly over shoulder flew down low inches from the lake glid a second then snatched this bass up with its claws then took it to were the sun had fell never seen something so majestic so angelic so impressive n respective and prophetic to many words to decribe the beauty of this bird so ill just sum it up with one word and thats eclectic

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