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    Ukraine - my 2 cents


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    Ukraine - my 2 cents

    Post by Shizz on Fri May 09, 2014 10:02 am

    In this modern day – Ukraine be bleeding,
    Blood and gas money, held down by Putin’s ceiling.
    Crimea annexed, Snowden granted asylum.
    Who said the Eagle is vexed? There’s an Obama pile-on;
    The list is a bloody long one.
    Looking to the East, fatboy Kim Jong Un.
    Feeding his uncle to the dogs, what the hell is going on hun?

    Despots/crackpots corruption ruling supreme,
    In the pursuit of happiness, where’s this American dream?
    Words of Marcus Aurelius, more than a whisper it would vanish.
    It's not Aurora Borealis, it's not rocket science-ish.
    So work out this Eastern European mis-nom-er,
    Putin said it before; the diss Russia had had to suffer.

    Iron curtain dissolved, the Orange revolution resolved.
    Budapest memorandum evolved, with paper guarantees involved.
    Dissolved, resolved, the Warsaw pact, what a mystery.
    Evolved, involved, nuclear warheads Ukraine’s history.
    Giving up Nukes, insanity. Guaranteed national security.
    Instead of warheads, treaties mislead. Now invaded by ex-KGB.
    Consequences threaten, escalating regional tensions.
    The next World War III?

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