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    Mac g candys house - my rap musci story


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    Mac g candys house - my rap musci story

    Post by macgcandy on Tue Mar 18, 2014 1:07 am

    My rap music story


    yeah i flow and i fly , like this like this | candys house fam , they call me mac g | though flows , nigga u cant touch this | get out of my way ow nigga please |

    (verse 1)

    Rap is a story , flows and words | lyrics are the key , good music and success | rhymes and punchline for music in set | music is a life , one can choose to live | style and swagg and the beat to kill | booth and a mic , and a dj in need | take it high , take it low | take it fast take it slow | use some punch , use some flow | take your time , rip it slow | music is like a boxing fight , blow by blow |

    (verse 2)

    do it for your self , do it for your fans | do some good music , do it for your fam | do it with the pros , so u wtch and learn | it myb hi hop or it myb rap | show what you got , show u comfident |

    music is a big dream , one can dream of | sound and worth , fame and show off | music can be a future , one can wish to see | music can cool your soul , and your lyrical feel |

    mother nature speaks , and you listin or pay attention | music mind feeling , out for a veckition | like the feel of a cool night , and the sence of pernetration | back stage with your nigga doing good music |

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