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    mac g candys house - free style king


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    mac g candys house - free style king

    Post by macgcandy on Fri Feb 07, 2014 1:28 pm

    Got Money in my wallet , a wallet in my dream | nigga am the VIP , u can came and take a sit | got my nigga hustler on my side , u bttr take no risk | am a lyrical , serial killer | 5 years in a run , with no wr to found | na bra dzanga vhasa kholwa , uri i am out of town | chasing money evrytym , like i live for it | musical i am weck , because aint good in this thng | i hv no fan , mara getng likes like a fb fan page jeah | nidon ngwana khadzi gig ndikhou buildr fan base jeah | middle finger up , to vho mrepa vhothe vhare lame jeah | me and my nigga hustler , still ritshe kha same page jeah | i jst rap for fun , not for cash or fame jeah ||||

    am out Mac g candys house

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