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    Dedicated to how I work


    Mic spitta
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    Dedicated to how I work

    Post by Mic spitta on Sun Feb 02, 2014 5:47 pm

    Uh you ain't Guna wanna walk in, less you don't mind the clouds and the coughin, the work room is in use//
    In or out if you open the door man you gotta choose//
    Yeah it's loud in the room, musics bumping weed is puffin songs are coming//
    Together, man this environment provides no pressure so what else could make for better, ambiance to write music in, so much shit in my mind I'm that I'm puttin in, not lettin anything go by without droppin it, in a line, but right now all I can think about is this verse and what it will do to my career in time//
    Yeah scratch what I said about the door earlier I'm blind, to much smoke in here but hand me a joint and hand me a light cuz I still need to need to be high, I've been smoking this whole time yes I know it's divine, and I'm dedicating this verse to this sesh cuz it's where the genius gives birth//
    To everything that nigga calls work, entrepreneur//
    Yeah my shit come up a lot more sooner, than you expected, sucks for you yay for me god bless it//
    Hated my life tell now I confess it, now I smoke so much weed I just don't stress it, nothing I can do//
    My past is done and that shit thru, I'm more happy now, and that's what madders, not smoking weed today just shatter//
    Not going out today, just staying in the work room gettin blazed, and puttin in hours//
    the start of a career I hope to flower, like my weed into something I'm proud of indeed, yeah you will feel that heart that I bleed, into my words man it's pushed by the herb//
    blocks the anxiety, and pushes out the side of me that provides the mind for words, the heart was there just needed a push from the herb, and I'm here now too far to be disturbed, hate on me hit the curb or try and race me//
    Hope your whip is fast and can face me, cuz nigga at the green light I'm gone hope you didn't think you had a chance cuz you was wrong, oh well go home now and cry to mom, I'm at my party//
    I didn't throw it but it's dedicated to me, you were invited tho I didn't plan to see, a face full of tears//
    Well I don't feel bad for yo ass so cheers, I'mma be waitin for yo ass case you need a beer, cuz I ain't drinking//
    I don't like that shit I hope you weren't thinkin I'm over here gettin drunk cuz really man I just provide the funk, but everyone still loves me cuz I got the skunk//
    And the flow that you hated on, and what the people are now waitin on, they wanna hear me//
    Guess they forgot about you man I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt your career//
    But you attacked me and I can't act like I fear, your wimpy ass man your shit was weak, and after I responded to your shit you could not speak, So well leave it at that//
    I don't got much more to say you made me forget, what I was rappin bout before oh well I can start over again

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