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    Experiencing Young LOve


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    Experiencing Young LOve

    Post by emzdasex on Sun Jan 11, 2009 3:36 am

    I aint in love only with the relationship but also with the Beauty
    besides the fact that this girl is a cutie.
    Talking with her on the phone,, mah heart beats twice da speed
    this girl aint just one of those normal gurls
    except im definitely sure she da one i need.
    Ive experience so much greed and cruely in this life
    this girl is precious,.. correct timing ima ask her as my wife.
    so much regret for doings ive made before
    along came an angel someone who i can love and protect
    shes taking away the pain , adrenaline aint getting to me anymore.
    i will give this gurl no hurt and nothing else but the very best
    dreams ill build for her , n make sure that everything gets her imprest.
    i love you babe with all my heart and soul
    everything ill do to make you happy it my numba 1 goal.


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