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    Team Back cypher

    Texas KIDD
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    Team Back cypher  Empty Team Back cypher

    Post by Texas KIDD on Mon Nov 18, 2013 7:32 pm

    yea lets get yea concerns checked
    ima bout to blast off
    while my hatas just proceed to eject
    im higher than where the vertex of mt Everest intersects
    spittin that raw you bob ya head to
    till you commence to break ya neck
    to many neglect hip hop for what it really is
    wit not suit and tie you can get the biz
    my forte of lyricial fungsway
    got dem boys look every which way
    cause here i come ready or not
    gunning for that #1 spot
    wont stop cant stop no no
    early bird gets the worm
    my flows on no doze im neva sleep
    so im up for the win
    got these bums laggin behind like a tortoise shin
    please let me know where does the kidd begin:king:farao

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