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    Underground Sound Presents No Phear [Ep.5] by TC Productions (@tcproductionvid)



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    Underground Sound Presents No Phear [Ep.5] by TC Productions (@tcproductionvid)

    Post by mixtapeatlas on Mon Apr 29, 2013 8:46 pm

    TC Productions has created a show that gives an intimate view on
    Underground and emerging artists from all genres of music. The
    creators of the show supply a gateway for listeners to see first hand
    how music is the essence of the musicians life by showcasing two of
    their original works of music. TC Productions has been quoted to be
    “born with talent and creativity to manifest many messages of lyrics
    through visual representation of your videos.” (Adele Williams, The
    Machine Network)
    The show targets music enthusiasts from all walks life. It allows the
    artist to enlighten their fans and encounter new ones by giving access
    to their creative approach to constructing music while including an
    exclusive access interview. On various blog sites each episode has
    produced well over 20,000 views apiece and is steadily growing in
    Episode 5 of Underground Sound is centered around Reggae Artist No
    Phear. Hailing from Jamaica and raised in St. Ann parish and the Cayman
    Islands, No Phear is a versatile singer­songwriter who fuses the cadence
    of traditional reggae/dancehall with hip hop and rap elements. What
    makes his offering unique is the innovative combination of an old school
    vibe with an urban finish. This fusion makes No Phear’s music appealing
    to contemporary audiences and reggae enthusiasts alike. His signature
    style combines driving beats, resonant vocals and inspired lyrics. The
    rhythmic undercurrent bears testament to a modern interpretation of
    reggae, and the music is accentuated throughout with elements of
    dancehall and hip hop. No Phear’s songs prove that reggae music can be
    audacious and current to appeal to today’s listeners without taking away
    from its traditional value.
    No Phear’s music has a modern edge that appeals to and entertains
    contemporary audiences and still pays homage to the Caribbean music of
    his roots. No Phear always brings something singular and fresh to a
    traditional sound. For this reason, his preference for unconventional
    beats has been enhanced by his ability to blend the essence of reggae
    with a fresh urban note flavored by rap and hip hop. His creativity is
    uninhibited, and his talents are undeniable. His raw lyrics and unique
    sound put No Phear in a class by himself.
    His two tracks that he is performing are "So Fly" and "My Love"

    Graphic Designer Tim Mathews

    Instrumentals Produced by Aaron McFadden
    AKA MadeBeatz

    For more information about Underground Sound visit us at
    Follow us on Twitter :
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