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    That'll Work


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    That'll Work

    Post by JBDaPhoklore on Sat Feb 09, 2013 2:29 pm

    Get it on, lets go to the beats.
    Kick a flow this goes to the streets.
    Jimmy Bones got a flow like a beast.
    Straight from my dome to the sheets.
    I write wit furious fists fulla punchlines.
    When it gets to the crunch time/ Double time.
    Flippin punks once eatin um up in the lunch lines.
    Doin verbal battle in the gymnasium.
    Puttin flavor in your cranium.
    Spit wit a mouth of titanium...
    You listen to rap, I ain't changin it.
    But there ain't no fadin this, ain't nobody spit the same as this.
    Cuz I'm the craziest lyricist, to ever exist.
    In my own mind and if you hear me spit...
    You might agree wit the statement.
    Flee from the basement.
    Need a review on the basics.
    And thats just sayin.......

    Don't mean any disrespect to the cats wit the dope concepts.
    JB dA Phoklore from messia complex...
    On deck, gettin all set, check if the mics on yet.
    So I can start bombin the script.
    Rockin this shit over the top wit this.
    I'm top of the pick, hot 'n' I'm sick.
    Blastin off like a rocket ship.
    I could stop traffic wit that shit dawg.
    Bring it back to the rad shit dawg.
    Bet hataz wish they could rap this raw.
    But they won't get the chance, I won't pass the baton.
    Cuz I'm bad to the bone, matta fact if you got a mic pass it to bones.
    So I can get mad on the flow, that'll work fa sho..

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