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    Underground Sound Presents Stephanie Caron [Ep.2]



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    Underground Sound Presents Stephanie Caron [Ep.2]

    Post by mixtapeatlas on Sun Jan 27, 2013 8:33 pm

    TC Productions has created a show that gives an intimate view on Underground and emerging artists from all genres of music. The creators of the show supply a gateway for listeners to see first hand how music is the essence of the musicians life by showcasing two of their original works of music. TCProductions has been quoted to be “born with talent and creativity to manifest many messages of lyrics through visual representation of your videos.” (Adele Williams, The Machine Network)

    The show targets music enthusiasts from all walks life. It allows the artist to enlighten their fans and encounter new ones by giving access to their creative approach to constructing music while including an exclusive access interview.

    Episode 2 of the first season of TC Productions presents Underground Sound. Underground Sound is a web series designed for the indie artist to help gain them exposure while giving the audience an appreciation of what they do. This episode is centered around Folk/Pop artist Stephanie Caron.

    You can follow Stephanie Caron on twittter @StephanieACaron

    For more information about Underground Sound visit us at
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