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    New spit (15 year old rapper , Tycoon)


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    New spit (15 year old rapper , Tycoon)

    Post by Tyc00n on Thu Jan 17, 2013 11:01 pm

    New freestyle(idk if i can cuss so warn me if i cant?)

    This bitch i know is crazy
    i know she aint my lady
    When i take her to my bedroom she sallows all my babies

    You must understand its impossible for you to win
    if you ever cross me wrong then you might meet your fucking end

    im the illest in these streets
    and all these hoes wanna see some meat
    So i take her back to my sheets
    and fuck her til she fall asleep

    She ask me how i like the clam
    i say its gucci but since im cold
    please stand up and turn off this fuckn fan

    She said the kick to my gun got alot of power
    Got racks that stand up like the effiel tower
    You snitches aint tryna change
    Stayn squares like fuckn tiles

    Fuckniggas i dont fuck with
    see my dick well yo bitch sucked it
    and she stayed focused suckn while my dick stayed steady cummin

    Tycoon in the bitch
    And we just tryna see some tits
    But when the dick dont fit
    You better know she put some lube on it

    I stay fuckn up the beats
    if i ever meet you in my streets
    Ill knock you straight off your feet
    And murk your whole family, extinct

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