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    My First Rhyme On FREESTYLERAP


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    My First Rhyme On FREESTYLERAP

    Post by 1-50 on Fri Dec 07, 2012 8:05 am

    I said some awful things
    Like Biggie when he begins
    Goosebumps when he sings
    Ring around the roses
    Too many unnatural poses
    Mixing it up on every line
    Far from sublime time after time
    Go blind and let the Lord do his work
    Every verse improves its berserk
    Itís the killing season meaning thereís a good enough reason to commit treason
    On every individual youíve ever hated
    X rated thoughtís pass over your mind
    To kind to ever consider so you dig deeper
    Force your brain into a sleeper
    Widower weepier after that action
    Although itís a fraction of suicide nation
    An accusation created that related to your goings on
    You said you did no wrong but you know the truth
    Shot him dead like Proof in the early naughtyís
    Death is just so common crime that changes situations
    Everybodyís out for there own between family money and love
    Success or failure Iíll mail you the result
    They donít go down easy without a fight
    Each and every night is different
    Belied rant coming from the soul
    Cos every individual that takes part has there own role
    To better there hood by sweat and blood
    No tears thereís no fears
    Not even death can flicker there will
    The illest out there donít even care
    Who earns the most still gunna have our traditional Sunday roast
    Raise a toast on the day of rest and Christmas
    Listen to this righting song after song
    Feel like i'm fucking stuck in a vicious circle with a bong
    Its bliss nothing that I miss more when Iím drunk passed out on the bedroom floor
    But now Iíve lasted and passed that stage in my life so please close the door.

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