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    Lyrically insane 5 (mexican) lol


    LyRiCaLlY InSaNe
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    Lyrically insane 5 (mexican) lol

    Post by LyRiCaLlY InSaNe on Mon Aug 20, 2012 2:33 am

    Things get hard when i get flowin,
    yeah im mexican yeah im mowin..
    but i dont give a fuck,
    ill jump up,
    in your ford truck,
    and build you a house for a buck...
    hit the bong,
    do your lawn,
    after im pullin down your white wifes thong, lol
    sounds wrong...
    but im not blowin smoke up your ass its the muthafuckin truth,
    spittin shit like its a muthafuckin booth,
    not gonna stop spic on muthafuckin cruise,
    where the booze,
    cause im tryin to get loose,
    goin ignorant on your ass papoose,
    im on your roof,
    drinkin a brew,
    spanglish no clue,
    on the roof on the lawn in the fields pickin corn n the cob,
    its whatever its a yabbb.. lol
    its statistics,
    shits ridiculous,
    rest in piece im done wit this...

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