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    Lyrically insane 3


    LyRiCaLlY InSaNe
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    Lyrically insane 3

    Post by LyRiCaLlY InSaNe on Mon Aug 20, 2012 2:24 am

    Emotions so cold blizzard,
    heart full of hate hitler,
    cold blooded lizard,
    magic man wizard,
    eat it and beat it yesssirrr...
    still lyrically insane,
    in the membrane,
    more horse power than a mustang,
    seriously on a real note,
    lets pack this bowl,
    take a hit let it roll,
    in a roto,
    smokin a j bro,
    cranial loco,
    puttin work on the streets like a hobo,
    all yall wack/yall cant rap/so sit back/ and paper pen take notes,,......
    Flo so cold,
    might need some robo,
    cause im so sick no medicine help my throat,
    inhale quick exhale slow,
    your buzzed im blowed,
    your beauty im goin beast mode...
    Dont piss me off or were gon box,
    take my shoes off and ill ya a sock..
    people ask me how,
    i say i do it like pacquiao,
    highlight knockout wow..
    tap out foo,
    wecome to the jungle bamboo..
    my smoke is so potent,
    pineapple express seth rogan,
    i get it in strokin,
    she loud moanin..
    what cloud? nine,
    lost mind,
    to long its over fine..

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